Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rant: High Waists

With the arrival of many new names on the fashion scene, comes the arrival of many new trends and designs. One that has been gaining increased popularity are high-waisted bottoms. Around the beginning of this fiscal year, I had no problem with the high waist because they showed up exclusively on skirts. Paired with a slouchy top and pretty pumps, a high-waisted pencil skirt was fierce [snaps fingers]. Designers have included high-waisted skirts in their designs of late, reassuring me that these types of skirts are do-able and thoroughly rock-able.

Kai Milla

Nicole Miller

Diane von Fursteberg

But alas, the high waist was taken to higher (pun intended) limits. High-waisted pants, and even worse, high-waisted jeans were introduced. Sure, some people succeeded in pulling them off but others failed....miserably.

I didn't just pick her because she once stole John Mayer from me...but this picture shows that even Jessica Simpson cannot pull off the high-waisted pant.

Mischa Barton was a bit more bold in her high-waisted denim but she doesn't look much better.

Oh, Lindsay. The high-waisted jean shorts are not working so well for you. Go with Lo(han).

So, if you want to try the high-waist trend, you might be able to find some pieces at your local stores. However, the high-waisted pant is something that I would not personally recommend. If you can pull it off, good for you! I'll stick with the high-waisted skirts for now.

Nordstrom: $42.00


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Very professional.

Kate said...

Great blog! It really is very well done. =] Want to trade links?

:) said...

I think I want those white shoes, They are hot.

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