Monday, February 25, 2008

Celeb-rate: The 2008 Oscars Red Carpet

I wish I could have come here today and reported on how happy I was to see Marion Cotillard win the Oscar for best actress for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose, but alas! After a busy day of moving my sister's furniture back down from Philly, I was too late to catch the red carpet, and simply too tired to watch the ceremony. But I woke up this morning, checked the winners, and was very happy to see that Cotillard did in fact win! Congrats to her, and to all of the other winners last night!

Just now, I finished looking through the red carpet looks last night, and was overall unimpressed! Nothing really caught my eye, but this could all just be bad photography and the fact that the dresses did not photograph well. Maybe once I watch "Fashion Police," (tonight on E!) I'll change my opinions, but as of now, these are my thoughts.

My beloved Marion. After that stunning Nina Ricci dress at the SAG awards, I was expecting so much better. That being said, I thought this dress wasn't necessarily a horrible choice. She still looks amazing, like old Hollywood royalty -- which she is undoubtedly sure to be.

I haven't yet seen Atonement, but I thought this dress was worth posting. In a world where young girls look more like prostitutes with each passing second, a young girl dressed as Saoirse Ronan was last night is so refreshing. She looked age appropriate, adorable, and aside from the embroidery at the bottom of the dress, I think this was definitely a great pick for her.

Everyone calls George Clooney this generations Cary Grant. I could not agree more. His classic tux, his impeccable coiffure, his gorgeous date -- it all screams old Hollwood. Definitely one of my best picks for best dressed man -- not necessarily modern and edgy, but perfect in every sense of the word. Now, if only my hair could look that good (you'd think it's easy, but trust me, it takes forever!)

Let me just state here how much I loved Juno and Ellen Page. I think she's a gorgeous young woman, and usually her clothes are so fitting for her personality (and most of the time, without forsaking elegance or class). This dress, however, I thought was a disaster. It looked so aging on her. She should have been in something a little closer fitting, without the long string of beads on her neck, or the clutch in her hands. As much as I love her, Ellen gets a no from Anthony.

The Juno clan simply got it wrong last night. Pictured here is Diablo Cody, screenwriter for Juno. I thought the animal-print looked a little out of season and too loud for last nights festivities. The hair is entirely too dark, the lips too red, and the jewelry just didn't stand up to the dress. Finally, one can't overlook the gold flats. If you weren't aware, Stewart Weitzman offered to let her wear a pair of One Million dollar shoes to the Oscars (which he apparently does each year), and for some reason, she was offended and chose not to wear the shoes. She instead went with a Payless gold flat. How utterly disappointing. For any of you who are interested, here are the million dollar shoes.

Finally, one can't forget about the color du jour last night. It seemed as if anyone who was anyone was wearing red! I thought these red dresses (for the most part) were elegant, classy, and timeless! Good job, ladies!

Miley Cyrus. As much as I dislike this girl and her awkward red carpet smile, I will admit she looked gorgeous last night. I tried to think of a cute Hannah Montana reference, but couldn't, for which I am sorry.

This color looks amazing on Heidi Klum, but I thought it was just plain awkward. It doesn't necessarily look BAD, but personally, I wish the collar/neckpiece wasn't there, so it would look a little more classic. Sorry, Heidi, you're out! (I couldn't help myself!)

Lets just be honest. There is a little too much going on with this dress. The off the shoulder peices, the draping, the train. Combine that with the simple hair, makeup, and jewels, Anne Hathaway could have done a better job. Again, I don't necessarily hate this look, but it just looked a little messy and overworked for my tastes. Since Anne Hathaway is wearing it, however, I may let it slide.

I am just going to put it out there. I can't stand Katherine Heigl (so much that I'm not even going to check if I spelled her name right). I don't see why everyone is so infatuated with her, or why they all go on about how sweet and kind she is, when to me, she looks like she would be incredibly rude and mean in real life. Putting that aside, I thought she looked beyond amazing last night, and is probably my choice for best dressed female. Everything, from the dress to the jewels to the hair -- it was perfection. I may just have to give her a chance after seeing her in this dress. (edit: I don't think she is a bad person. She just doesn't have a friendly face to me)

So that's it! I could go on and on, adding photographs of other amazing dresses (Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner) and some not so good dresses (Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz), but I think the ones I chose were just enough to wet your palette, readers. Again, I've spared the pregnant women, cuz I understand it is difficult to dress a pregnant woman! That being said, they all looked amazing and glowy! So what do you think? Do you agree with me? What were your favorite looks, and which ones did you hate?

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AJ said...

You're right - Katherine Heigl did look amazing.

I actually liked the concept of Cameron Diaz' dress but I think she could have executed it a little bit less blandly, no?

Anonymous said...

In real life Heigl is sweet, funny and down to earth. One of the nicest and friendliest celebs you could ever wish to meet.

High Fashion Girl said...

Whoa! I couldn't agree more. I can't stand Heigl but she looked effin amazing! I mean, my jaw dropped open when I saw her. Stunning.

Anonymous said...

yeah. i don't like Heigl either. For no real reason.
But these dresses were nice.
I love the blog. YAY Anthony.
I will come here for my daily fix

Shopaholic D said...

turning down a million dollar pair of shoes...that makes "total sense"! i mean, how dare they ask her to wear a million dollar pair of shoes?? what is she...chopped liver?

yeaaa...good thing she upgraded to

Ellen Hart said...

Marissa Tome looked amazing. Her dress was perfection!