Wednesday, February 6, 2008

AJ's Essentials: John Mayer

It was a cold winter day when I was first introduced to musician John Mayer during a car ride. Since then, most people refer to me as "that John Mayer girl," and quite honestly, I'm perfectly okay with having people think of me on hearing his name. There's just something about the way John strums his guitar while meaningfully crooning his lyrics that made me choose him for our first installment of the Essentials section.

Why do I love him? Well, for starters, there's his amazing guitar abilities that embellish all of his songs. And then, there's his voice - so versatile that it can help you fall asleep with some songs, and keep you up all night on others. Of course, that can't go without mentioning his meaningful lyrics which are sensitive from afar and filled with emotion when you listen carefully. Okay, okay, so I'm a little obsessed - but who wouldn't be? I mean, aside from his music, it doesn't hurt that he has an amazing sense of humor which you can see if you YouTube any of his interviews or his off-the-air TV show, John Mayer Has A TV Show.

Did I mention that he is also the most beautiful specimen I have ever seen? You're probably checking the title of this post right about now and making sure that it is, in fact, Essentials and not OBSESSION. I'd just like to call it devotion.

Anyways, don't take my word for it - check out his songs on your own. Picking out my favorite song would be like picking a favorite designer, but right now, I'm really into Another Kind Of Green off of the Try! album. And that's another thing I adore about good ol' John Mayer (as if I needed another reason) - his lyrics can have different meanings for every individual at different points of time. Upon listening to Bigger Than My Body, I would have a different reaction today than I would have had five years ago when I first heard it, and the meaning I derive from it would be different than what you take away from the song. See how cool it is?

Here are some of my favorite songs off of some of his albums in case you need (and you really do NEED) to check him out:

Continuum : Vultures, Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You), Dreaming With A Broken Heart, Belief

Try! (by the John Mayer Trio) : Another Kind Of Green, I Got A Woman, Wait Until Tomorrow
Heavier Things : Clarity, Split Screen Sadness, Only Heart, Home Life

Any Given Thursday: Covered In Rain, 83, City Love

Room For Squares: St. Patrick's Day, Back To You, Neon, Why Georgia, No Such Thing


Anonymous said...

he looks like jake gyllenhaal in donnie darko !

Anthony said...

did you see the borat-esque pictures of him?


Beena George said...

omgggg he's so shexyy
i love ur blog on him
it is well written =)


wow, i cant believe that there is someone out there that as in love with John mayer as i am!i totally L.O.V.E. him and its a little on the scarey side that you said all the things you said about him, becuase its almost exactly the same thing i would say(except the introduction part) i just cant wait to see him again, and maybe one day meet him (wouldnt you just have a heart attack?) and yes i haveseen that borat thing, in fact its my cell phone screen saver.

Paul Pincus said...

He's very sexy. Kind of a hotter Duncan Sheik (although Duncan's very friend A.G. can attest to that!)...cheers!

Chintu said...

I love JM... he's a legend.