Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rave: Figure-Flattering Finery

As I walked through the mall this past weekend, signs of "SALE" greeted me at every store window. Being the polite shopper that I am, I obliged these signs and visited many stores whose displays boasted major discounts and well-dressed mannequins. Walking through the rows and rows of clothes, I realized a common mistake that many people make - dressing for other people.

It has always been a belief of mine that women do not dress for themselves - they dress for other women. In hoping to outshine their fellow comrades, they put together far more unique outfits. This however leads to one problem - the woman who does not know what flatters their own body shape.

I often see two problems as I walk through aisles of chemises, jackets, miscellaneous tops, and customers looking for something pretty to take home:

1) The most common problem is buying something at a great price that does not flatter your body shape. Often times, we get so caught up in how great of a deal we've found that we do not realize that the "object of our desires" does not highlight our most favorable areas and downplay our flaws. As I held up a camisole from a clearance bin at Express just this past Saturday, I was shocked at the low price but painfully put it down as I realized that the cut was not right for me. Do not, I repeat, do NOT buy inexpensive items based on price alone; fit is just as, if not more important, than price! Do not be fooled!

2) The second mistake is buying something simply for the label. Too many people have been caught in the trap of brand-buying. For example, a friend recently gushed over a designer dress she had just bought. Of course I was very impressed with her purchase - until she put it on. By being so caught up in who made the dress, she had forgotten who would wear the dress. Needless to say, the dress clung to her where it shouldn't have and billowed away where it should have flattered. I quickly persuaded her to return the dress and today, she happily found a much more figure-friendly dress at an affordable price.

So when do you know if something is worth buying? As you've probably already guessed, the flattery-level of the dress is foremost amongst quality and occasion and whatnot. We've found a video clip from the Today Show featuring designer Isaac Mizrahi discussing the best ways to accentuate your body. Also, a guide from TravelSmith can help you figure out what clothing choices to stray towards or away from as you determine the best way to balance your body shape. For example, if you are concerned with a less than perfect stomach, a babydoll top may help you skim over these imperfections. If you are worried about wide hips, an A-line skirt might visually minimize your problem area. However, keep in mind that these suggestions are only guidelines and only you can determine what looks best on you while keeping you comfortable in your skin.

Coco Chanel once said, “The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!” At the Linen Lounge, we could not agree more. The best look in the world is the one that shows off your best assets and increases your confidence level infinitely. As you learn how to find better clothes for yourself, it will become easier for you to spot the looks most geared towards your body shape. Do not buy something because it looked good on a co-worker or friend and on the other hand, do not disregard something simply because it is no longer a trend. I will perhaps always wear skinny jeans, even when they go out of style, because they elongate my legs and that is something that no amount of trend-bashing can take away.

Throughout this post are pictures from The Sartorialist showcasing looks that people just like you have put together to flatter their figure, exude their personal style, and highlight their inner confidence.

So good luck, reader! The world of malls, markets, and boutiques awaits your picky eye!


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