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Vanity Box: The Chi by Farouk Systems

Every true fashionista knows that style is not only about clothes - style is an incorporation of wardrobe, shoes, hair, confidence, energy, etc. The point is, you can have a killer outfit but if your hair looks like a scrambled bird's nest (complete with bits of trash) and you aren't walking a couture runway, you most likely will look like a bum. And while this look can be, er, appropriate for Halloween, it is not an everyday look that we will ever condone.

So, what is the perfect look for your hair? Well, a flattering haircut is most important. Dozens of sites on the Internet outline different hairdo's for various face shapes. Visual-Makeover is a website that we found which highlights looks for each face shape as well as cuts to avoid and celebrities who share the same face shape as you.

Once you've found the perfect coif for you, it is crucial to take excellent care of your hair to create glistening, silky locks. I make sure to deep-condition my hair every now and then to combat the damages caused by heat-styling, changing weather conditions, and the tug and pull of daily life. Aussie Deeeeep 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment is a conditioning treatment that I like to use occasionally to maintain my hair's natural resilience.

We all know that hair styles can coordinate with your outfit - a fancy updo would clash with sweats and a hoodie whereas a messy bun looks out of place at a swanky formal party. You must also consider different hair options when picking out your outfit. It is important to play with the texture of your hair - loose curls, straight hair, and regal waves are options that can add that extra bit of sass to any outfit.

For me, straight hair is a selected favorite. Naturally, I have quite curly hair that can only be quieted with several products. Straight hair provides me with a sleek alternative that is not only extremely versatile, but boosts my confidence immeasurably. The added self-esteem is what prompted me to invest in a Chi flat iron. The Chi, although pricey, showed me the true meaning of what straight hair looks like. Armed with my Chi, I can have glossy locks that automatically seems to make all of my outfits look much better. Not only does the Chi deliver astonishingly straight hair, but the Chi offers the possibility for flips, curls, and other cool waves.

Don't take it from me alone -- our product review is written by guest writer Liz K. :

On behalf of my fellow females who were not blessed with luscious curls or silky straight hair, I write this article as a beacon of hope. I myself fall somewhere along the middle of curly and wavy hair which makes it even more difficult to work with, when products are usually aimed towards specific types of hair. Even with quality hair products that tame my rebellious hair into almost frizz-less submission, nothing beats the ease and manageability of straight hair. For those of us who do not have the budget to afford chemical straightening, or like me, love to have the option of going natural, the best alternative is to invest in a quality flat iron.

With all the teasing, frying, and drying we do, its more plausible for us to look like we just stepped out of a fast food restaurant rather than a top salon. After going through two flat irons that left my hair a hot mess (like burnt toast!), I was introduced to the Chi by Farouk. In order to see just how well the Chi worked, I washed my hair at night and slept on it, waking up to find what looked like Shirley Temple curls after being trampled by a stampede of wild gazelles. Impressively, the Chi fully heated up in less than a minute and was ready to be used. Once I sectioned my hair and brushed it out, the Chi ran through my hair like a track star on steroids. In under a half-hour, this flat iron left my hair soft and smooth to the touch, while also giving my tresses a glossy sheen. Not only was I able to get my hair pin straight, but the thin shape of the Chi has the added benefit of being able to flip and curl for additional bounce and fullness.

The Turbo Flat Iron

Trying to get your hair to look as close to commercial-like as possible is a feat that not only takes a lot of patience, but also heightens the level of damage done to hair. Yet, once again Farouk covers the bases in the well thought out construction of the Chi. The Chi has ceramic-coated plates that not only protect hair from the intense heat, but also locks in moisture. Another wonderful quality that sets the Chi apart from other competitors is the most important fact that the straightness lasts. Compared to a cheaper iron that has you straightening your hair everyday and for a longer period of time, the Chi has damage under control. So take a deep breathe and kick humidity in the butt any day because once you are Chi-ed, the results can last for up to three days.

The Original Flat Iron

Like I said earlier, the Chi is a bit of an investment with prices that range from about ninety to two-hundred dollars for the latest models. However, if a flat iron is a beauty must for you, go for the best and stop wishing you have hair like the girl on TV. Quite frankly, you will look better.

Thanks Liz!

Here are some before and after pictures that will change your mind if you are still indecisive about buying this amazing product. These images are taken from "The World's Most Popular Beauty Store" and online hair-product mogul,

Note: These are not pictures of Linen Lounge writers.

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