Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scent-sational: January 2008

As lovers of fashion, beauty, and the fabulous life, we want to enrich your life any way possible - clothes, cosmetics, home furnishings, and more! Each month, we will review fragrances in our Scent-sational feature. We will try as we can to include a male and female choice, as well as our personal opinions on the fragrances in question. Our first scent-sation features two fragrances that, while created with a particular consumer in mind, can be almost unisex. Fragrances that your boyfriend or girlfriend can use when in a bind and not feel like they just spent the entire night with you.

Tom Ford Black Orchid ($90-135): On a recent trip to Cusp, I happened to walk by the fragrances and, being an avid lover of Tom Fords creations, decided to give this one a whiff. Was I surprised or what?! I loved it -- spicy but not too spicy for a woman, floral but not too floral for a man. Yes, it's made for a woman, but I don't think that'll stop me from purchasing it when I am in need of a new fragrance. It is described as follows: Sensuous top notes of Black Truffle and Ylang mingled with fresh Bergamot and delectable Black Currant. Dramatic middle notes of dark, tempting Florals and rich Fruit Accords. The heart is deepened with the intoxicating Lotus Wood. Decadent base notes of Patchouli, Incense and Vetiver. Vanilla Tears add a fluid creaminess to warm Balsam and smooth Sandalwood. Although I rarely ever take fragrance descriptions to heart (it can be difficult to smell with your eyes), I can honestly smell many of these elements within this scent. It's a great buy for yourself, a woman who wants something new and sure to be a classic, or for a confident man who simply wants to smell amazing.

Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur du Male ($54-74): Let me just start off by saying how much I love Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances. It isn't just the sensual, body-shaped bottles that captivate me, but how his scents are not by any means typical. Every cologne-wearing man has a bottle of Stetson or some other macho-man spicy fragrance. Jean Paul Gaultier manages to include citrus, fruity, and floral elements into his fragrances, all while not giving up that manly undertone. Imagine my excitement upon walking into Sephora and seeing a new bottle in that oh-so-Gaultier male silhouette. I took one whiff of that little tester sheet, and thought my nose had died and gone to heaven. Needless to say (Fleur should have given it away), Fleur du Male is quite floral, but it's definitely not too floral for a man. It is, in my opinion, the perfect summer fragrance. It is described as follows: Freshness. Poetry. Smiles. 100 percent masculine style. The newest scent from Jean Paul Gaultier blends orange blossom and coumarin for an innocent and sensual scent that is full of contrasts. It's a fragrance that is fresh and smiling; poetic and endearing; sensual and gourmand - 100 percent Gaultier. Many designers and fashionista's describe orange blossom being the most floral scent a man can wear without forsaking his masculinity. I suppose this is true, but don't be fooled, ladies. This one could easily be in your beauty cabinet as well.

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